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All we know for sure is that the government wants all homeless people, and the homeless issue, to disappear from public view because that disaster is proof of the level of corruption in the federal government.

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Do NOT feel hopeless.  There's a lot you can, and must do, to survive attacks by the rich.
Most important is media attention, and local public attention to help NOW. 
Most people have no idea how horrible it is to be homeless.  They can't begin to understand that homelessness is more than discomfort, but that it kills. 
They need to be told that the homeless are victims of the greed of the Elite.
The American people need to know that the homeless didn't abuse drugs and alcohol until AFTER they became homeless, and are trying to survive the psychological damage that homelessness does.
Occupy camps help make the homeless visible and are also a demand for the basic human right  for a place to occupy.  

1.  MARCH WITH THE WALL ST. PROTESTERS!  If you can't march, then sit in the area, and help occupy areas.  Do NOT let your enemies make you invisible.  You are the evidence of their financial crimes, and the attacks against protesters are proof of how desperate they are to cover it all up.

You could carry signs that read:
Homelessness Kills!
Greed Kills
Republican Greed Kills
I want my home back 
Banks took our homes and jobs
End the Fed
Bankers are killing us
Note:  You can carry signs that name names, expose people, etc. because YOU CAN'T BE SUED!  That gives you a lot of power, especially if the media picks up on it.

If you're a veteran, it's especially important that you put that on the sign.  Try holding special marches just for homeless veterans so voters see how many there are.

2.  PROMOTE A HOMELESS MARCH before every election. to warn everyone that they need to vote, and to vote against the Right.  The worst thing you can do is keep quiet -- that's what your enemies want you to do.  They get worried when you fight back.
never vote Republican!   There were almost no homeless people before Republican Ronald Reagan first created the homeless crisis, and that it was the result of his fraudulent trickle-down economics.  Republicans knew it would never work in the first place, except to make the rich richer. 
Republican Nixon sent jobs to China, and GW Bush created the current recession which is threatening the survival of the middle class, the poor, and of the United States itself.  It also threatens the rich, but they won't believe that until it's too late for them too.

Email us and we'll contact the media for you.
If you can do interviews, make it clear what the needs of the homeless are in your area. 

3.  You can carry signs, or wear them, exposing corruption in your area, without fear of being sued.  You have an advantage in that you can name names, and expose the guilty without fear of being sued.  That gives you tremendous power.
Expose Protestant and Catholic churches that don't use their money to feed, clothe, and house the homeless victims of Republican greed. 
They owe you as much help as they can give because it was the combination of Protestantism and the Republican Party that has gotten Republicans elected.  They aren't popular enough to win elections without forcing God to become a Republican.  Ministers and televangelists have been telling people to vote Republican, and some are really pushing it. 
They're so far over the line that the IRS should have come down on them and should have taken away their tax exempt status, but they've only gone after liberals.  That's how corrupt that whole situation is.  Those who didn't saw that happening but didn't say a word, making them just as guilty.

4.  Ronald Reagan made the homeless crisis worse by forcing his victims to destroy their 'Reaganvilles'.  It's bad enough to be dying a little each day, but when you're denied human contact, that leads to drug and alcohol abuse.  Reagan didn't care about anything but fooling Republican voters, keeping them from seeing reality so they'd believe Republican lies instead.
So, it's most important that you now demand the right to create 'villes' named after the president whose policies are responsible for your homelessness.
If you feel that your right to Occupy has been violated, consider starting a Bush'ville, blaming George Bush for creating the Bush Recession of '08, which he could have prevented. 

If you were made homeless during the past decade, it was probably caused by the Bush Recession.  All Bush had to do was sign an Executive Order, stopping the banking criminals from foreclosing on homes.  He had a right to do that because the banks had written fraudulent loans.

5.  There are many more ideas for protesters at www.legalparasites.net

6.  Never let the government implant an RFID chip, or any other device in you.  Common sense tells us that, if they want it, we don't.  Plus, it's been shown to cause cancer in animals, and is a way for the government to control you forever.   It's far better to die free than to live a little longer, but die as the property of the traitors in government.

7.   Ongoing crimes take place in courtrooms, so you would help yourself and others by being a witness in courtrooms, making notes listing names and events.  Writes the dates at the top and sign at the bottom.
Report crimes to any local news media that will stand up to career criminals. 
That makes you a valuable asset as well as a threat to those who are part of the corrupt legal system that is victimizing us all.
It's also a more comfortable place to be on a cold or hot day.
The public has also been urged to go to courtrooms. 

Why are you homeless?
You might say foreclosure, job loss, etc. but the reality is that the banking scam was deliberate, was deliberately world-wide, and lawmakers have refused to restore the laws that would have prevented it all for a reason.
The New World Order willl take control of every country on earth.  There's no way to stop them because the control the nations' economies.
In the U.S. they're called the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve was created as a private corporation.  It's registered in Delaware as 'non-profit or religious' so it's been a scam from the very beginning.
You've been a victim of that scam, but the time will come when every person in the U.S. will be victimized because one goal of the N W O is genocide.  Some have said it should be an 85% reduction of the world's population.  They're using the excuse of global warming, but the real reason is that they can't control so many people, and that's what it's all about - control.

SPREAD THE WORD!   It's important that the homeless not blame themselves, and that they prepare for the worst so they're not so scared that they'll agree to be implanted with an RFID chip.  Those chips are how the 'Fed' will control the people.  Just think, if every adult in the U.S. would stand up to them, they'd lose the fight.  It would be massive bloodshed though, so it's just not going to happen.
Those chips are also deadly, but people will be told that it will benefit them to get them in the right hand or forehead.  When that doesn't work with some people, there will be threats, probably including death.  However, those chips are deadly.  
(For important Christian support and information, see Page 3.)

It's nothing less than criminal neglect that veterans are homeless.  The American people should have demanded that all veterans get the best of care.
Ignorant Americans thank soldiers for defending them, as if the soldiers are idiots.   Instead, they should be apologizing for not protesting to stop the slaughter and exploitation.   They joined to fight for us, but the idiot masses can't be bothered to fight for them in any way.
They know they're not defending democracy, but their invasion of other countries creates more hatred and future terrorism.  They're only there to protect wealthy Republican contractors, at taxpayers' expense.

The homeless crisis is decades old and we need to stop this insanity now.
Don't join the military - you owe this country nothing.  The American people have turned their backs on the victims of greed.
This would never have happened in the 60's and 70's when liberals were in power. 

Vote Republicans out!

If you'd like to send messages back and forth, or post notices, go to Page 2.

Protesters NEED public support.  It's hard enough to be homeless, but it's a terrible challenge for some to have to march in public.  There are times when the homeless will need the public to march with them.
However, there are times when the homeless should make appearances alone, so the public can get a picture of how many there are.
There should also be special appearances by homeless veterans.
In some cases, marching will be too hard so they should be able to congregate in one place to make their protests known.
In case it hasn't occurred to you, by protesting for the homeless, you are also fighting to keep your homes and jobs.  It's all connected and corruption this massive will never just go away.  It will lead to terrible violence and bloodshed because people will not live under the domination and total control of those who want power more than money.

Don’t think about what you’ve lost - - self pity is destructive.
Remember that humanity started out homeless, and countless people survive all over the world today with very little. They have societies and are very happy. Many live in cardboard homes and stay healthy.
It’s not how you live, but how you feel about it that will make a difference whether or not you stay mentally healthy, or give up.


Veterans fought for this country, now we MUST fight for them, as they're forced to continue to fight for survival.  We deceived them, sent them to fight for the wealthy, and we OWE them.

There are Wall St. demands at:   www.legalparasites.net

Post your messages, include whatever you want, such as address, date, if you have a date you want it removed, etc. on Page 2. 
To find out what else you can do, email:  intelliberal@when.com

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